Impact of Non-Compostable Waste in Waste Management Cycle

In absence of proper waste segregation and waste management protocols, urban household garbage is that is routinely discarded contains a mixture of the both compostable waste as well as non-compostable waste. Compostable waste are environmentally less hazardous when compared with non-compostable items such as plastic bags, electronic items, old school bags, old plastic buckets, utensils, batteries, blades etc.,

Landfilling Methods for Urban Waste Disposal

Landfills are used routinely for disposal of urban solid waste on a patch of identified land. This landfill land needs to be secured and engineered in such was so as to minimize hazardous environmental impact. In this article I will discuss few general types of landfilling methods that are practiced for the disposal of urban solid waste.

Waste Glossary

Anaerobic Digestion: A controlled process involving microbial decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. Biodegradable Substance: A substance that can be degraded by micro-organisms. Biomethanation: A process which entails enzymatic decomposition of the organic matter by microbial action to … Continued

Garbage Decomposition Time

Time it takes for garbage to decompose in the environment: Glass Bottle 1 million years Monofilament Fishing Line 600 years Plastic Beverage Bottles 450 years Disposable Diapers 450 years Aluminum Can 80-200 years Foamed Plastic Buoy 80 years Foamed Plastic … Continued

Sanitary Waste

Disposable Diapers Bathroom cleaning brush Sanitary Napkins Human Hair / Nails Waxing Strips Soiled Cotton Used Cosmetics Cotton Ear Buds

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Cells and Batteries CFL Blubs Electric Chords Fluorescent Mosquito repellents Oils, Paints & Solvents Pesticides / Insecticides Shoe Polish Rat Poison Thermocol Thermometer Thermoflask Toilet cleaners, Cleaning solutions Tube Lights Tubelight Starter

Garden Waste

Weeds Branch Trimmings Lawn Trimmings Fallen Leaves Coconut Tree Parts (rachis and rachilla, spathe, leaf sheath, bark of the petiole) Roots Garden waste is collected separately on weekly / monthly basis. You can also delivery garden waste to your nearest garden waste … Continued