Ctrl+Alt+Del e-waste

Ctrl+Alt+Del e-waste

The organised sector handles only 10 per cent of e-waste. The rest is handled by the unorganised sector that employs unscientific methods.

Bangalore surely basked in the global glory of its “IT hub” tag for years. Thanks to the huge IT revenues it generated and the big ticket firms that dug deep roots here, Bangalore deserved that. But now, it is wake up time. No, not from its unrelenting garbage piles or its mounting civic problems, but this time from the rising threat of its electronic waste. Rising because, the city’s e-waste volumes are going beyond 18,000 metric tonnes per annum, an astounding piece of statistic brought home by a recent Assocham survey.

The explosive growth of IT industries in the City has inevitably triggered a
dramatic increase in the number of bulk consumers of electronic equipment. This has given a huge push to a populace that is intensely tech-savvy, brand conscious in gadgetry and conspicuous in their consum­ption.

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Rasheed Kappan, Sep 21, 2013, DHNS


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