Impact of Non-Compostable Waste in Waste Management Cycle

    In absence of proper waste segregation and waste management protocols, urban household garbage is that is routinely discarded contains a mixture of the both compostable waste as well as non-compostable waste. Compostable waste are environmentally less hazardous when compared with non-compostable items such as plastic bags, electronic items, old school bags, old plastic buckets, utensils, batteries, blades etc.,

    Ctrl+Alt+Del e-waste

    The organised sector handles only 10 per cent of e-waste. The rest is handled by the unorganised sector that employs unscientific methods. Bangalore surely basked in the global glory of its “IT hub” tag for years. Thanks to the huge IT revenues it generated and the big ticket firms that dug deep roots here, Bangalore deserved that. But now, it is wake up time. No, not from its unrelenting garbage piles or its mounting civic problems, but this time from the rising threat of its electronic waste.

    Recycling e-waste correctly

    Everytime we replace an electronic gadget with its upgraded model, it beco­m­es a headache to adjust or dump the redundant version in the right place. Old computers, laptops, mobile phones, CDs, hard disks, washing machines, ovens etc either eat dust at homes, go to dustbin or go to kabadiwalla at meagre rates.

    Garage recyclers of e-waste are the new threat

    Violating norm, they treat e-waste as scrap; No one knows where Government e-waste goes Backyard practitioners of e-waste pose a new and dangerous threat to the City’s fragile ecology and community health, revealed a survey.

    Bangalore e-waste Dismantlers and Recyclers

    Here is a list of authorised and registered e-waste dismantlers and recyclers in Bangalore 1. Ash Recyclers, KSSIDC (i) Estate, Hoskote. (Authorised Quantity: 120 Metric Tonnes / Annum)

    E-waste not in the bin

    Rules on electronic waste management were notified in May this year, but several electronics and electric equipment manufacturers in Delhi have not set up e-waste collection centres yet, say environmentalists.

    E-waste disposal

    Though it is more than a year since rules for the safe management and handling of electronic waste have come into effect, the progress of the implementation of the law is tardy and unsatisfactory. There was a long preparatory period after the framing of the rules but not much was done.

    Landfilling Methods for Urban Waste Disposal

    Landfills are used routinely for disposal of urban solid waste on a patch of identified land. This landfill land needs to be secured and engineered in such was so as to minimize hazardous environmental impact. In this article I will discuss few general types of landfilling methods that are practiced for the disposal of urban solid waste.