Waste Glossary

Anaerobic Digestion: A controlled process involving microbial decomposition of organic matter in the absence of oxygen.

Biodegradable Substance: A substance that can be degraded by micro-organisms.

Biomethanation: A process which entails enzymatic decomposition of the organic matter by microbial action to produce methane rich biogas.

Composting: A controlled process involving microbial decomposition of organic matter.

Demolition and Construction Waste (D&C): Wastes from building materials debris and rubble resulting from construction, re-modelling, repair and demolition operation.

Landfilling: Disposal of residual solid wastes on land in a facility designed with protective measures against pollution of ground water, surface water and air fugitive dust, wind-blown litter, bad odour, fire hazard, bird menace, pests or rodents, greenhouse gas emissions, slope instability and erosion.

Leachate: A liquid that seeps through solid wastes or other medium and has extracts of dissolved or suspended material from it.

Lysimeter: A device used to measure rate of movement of water through or from a soil layer or is used to collect percolated water for quality analysis.

Pelletisation: A process whereby pellets are prepared which are small cubes or cylindrical pieces made out of solid wastes and includes fuel pellets which are also referred as refuse derived fuel.

Waste Collection: Lifting and removal of solid wastes from collection points or any other location.

Waste Processing: The process by which solid wastes are transformed into new or recycled products.

Waste Recycling: The process of transforming segregated solid wastes into raw materials for producing new products, which may or may not be similar to the original products.

Waste Segregation: To separate the solid wastes into the groups of organic, inorganic, recyclables and hazardous wastes.

Vadose Water: Water which occurs between the ground, surface and the water table that is the unsaturated zone.

Vermicomposting: A process of using earthworms for conversion of bio-degradable wastes into compost.


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